Why Materials Matter

HQIM (High Quality Instructional Materials) makes the difference. Across the state, educators are seeing the positive impact of HQIM in multiple areas. These professionals have given firsthand accounts that highlight the benefits of implementing HQIM.

HQIM & Teacher Input

Dr. Taryn Echols Assistant Superintendent

Hot Springs School District

Dr. Echols discusses soliciting teacher input when selecting HQIM and building a teacher’s knowledge base.

Benefits of HQIM when Strategically Implemented

Pamela Freeman Principal

Perla Andrade Instructional Facilitator

Baseline Elementary, Little Rock School District

Ms. Freeman and Ms. Andrade discuss utilizing data to provide targeted interventions, how HQIM informs RTI, and aligning resources with HQIM.

Professional Learning Partners & HQIM

Misty Doyle Assistant Superintendent

Jonesboro School District

Ms. Doyle discusses look fors in selecting a professional learning partner and the importance of instructional strategies.

Educator Preparation Programs & HQIM

Dr. Monica Riley Executive Director of Education

University of Arkansas at Fort Smith

Dr. Riley discusses the incorporation of state initiatives into educator preparation programs, working with partner schools on the selection of HQIM, and introducing new teachers to HQIM so that they are Day One Ready.

Using Data to Drive Instruction

Dr. Matthew Farr Principal

Lee County High School, Lee County School District

Dr. Farr discusses what data reveals and the process by which to address identified deficits.